Trendworld Furniture is going to join the HAWA EXPO 2024!!!

From 6th to 9th March 2024, The HawaExpo 2024, a furniture export fair, will take place, highlighting it as a significant event on the global trade calendar.

Introducing an innovative exhibition model, the HawaExpo 2024 is set to be an expansive event that will host around 700 businesses, mainly local manufacturers, and expects to welcome over 30,000 buyers.

For buyers, HawaExpo 2024 offers an environment ripe for exploration and discovery. Attendees can anticipate a curated array of the latest innovations in furniture design and craftsmanship. The event’s design ensures optimum interaction, enabling buyers to establish connections, discover emerging trends, and initiate strategic partnerships.

Below are the distinct advantages for buyers:

  • International Standard Hospitality: An unmatched visitation experience at HawaExpo 2024, elevated by global standard hospitality.
  • No Registration Fee: Commence your journey towards greatness at zero cost.
  • 24/7 Multi-Channel Support: Prioritizing your convenience, assistance is available round the clock.
  • Unlimited Accommodation & Travel Discounts: Benefit from the extensive accommodation and travel offerings.
  • Effective Networking Platform: Make the most of the world-class business platform for productive and enjoyable networking.
  • Smart Expo Layout: The innovative spatial design directs you to the right exhibitors, tailoring to your specific needs.
  • Windows to National Innovation: Explore the exclusive showcases of Vietnam’s unique creations.
  1. 1 + 1 PROGRAM (1 Exhibition + 1 Year Support Program)
  • Engage with the first-ever furniture virtual exhibition platform in Vietnam. A platform that’s open 24/7, free of charge, and accessible worldwide.
  • Via HawaExpo App: The first-ever app dedicated to international exhibitions in Vietnam. Enjoy direct online networking with exhibitors and keep updated with the latest Industry Newsletter.
  • Online Workshops/Seminars: Participate in a series of online workshops and seminars focused on government policy updates and industry-specific B2B events.

Visitors can register online at

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