Rod Gilbert founded Trendworld Furniture in 1990. He spent time sourcing in Singapore and Malaysia, before deciding to switch his focus and building a factory in Vietnam. Seeing the hardworking and high level of craftsmanship in Vietnam, he knew it was the right place to base his manufacturing. Prior to moving to Asia to manufacture furniture, he was successfully importing and wholesaling furniture in Australia. Since coming to Vietnam, Trendworld has been shipping product to the USA, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, New Zealand and Canada. In 1996, Rod saw a stack of pallets stacked up at the factory, he instantly knew that there was another use for that. From there, our reclaimed furniture was born. Since then, we have been producing reclaimed furniture for some of the biggest retailers around the world. Until this day, we are still working with reclaimed furniture and it is something we feel that we specialize in. We also manufacture using other materials like, oak, rubber wood, MDF and veneers. However, we have always had a soft spot for using reclaimed furniture and doing our part for the environment.

Trendworld prides itself on being a family run business and hopes to keep it that way for generations to come. After running the business for 27 years, Mitch, Rod’s eldest son joined the family business.

Mitch spent the majority of his life at the pinnacle of Motorsport racing in F3 and F2 in Europe, before returning to race in Asia. After some successful campaigns, Mitch decided to join Trendworld and continue the family legacy of manufacturing quality furniture.

Over the past 5 years, the father-son team, Trendworld have been designing, developing and manufacturing quality furniture for our customers around the world, and will continue to do for years to come.


Since the inception of Trendworld Furniture in 1990, our goal has, and always will be, to offer a quality product at an affordable price to our customers. Our aim also is to care for our environment and our employees.


  • Trendworld Furniture offers the flexibility to our customers of mixing containers, which is perfect for both retailers and wholesalers, to enable them to buy full containers with a variety of items.
  • We have many ranges that our clients can choose from, but we also have a design team that can work closely with our clients to create the perfect product for their customer base and demographic.
  • For those clients who would like their own design, we start with initial drawings and renderings until we have samples for the customer to view. We continually make changes until we have both the look and price point that our clients desire.


We are aware of our environment and are always looking at ways to care for it. Whether that’s the wood we use, or the type of packaging used, we strongly believe in caring for the environment.

All products we use for finishing our furniture also come from environmentally aware suppliers.

Every waste product we have is recycled.

*All our products have FSC certification.

“FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.”