Reclaimed Wood is existing wood that has been recycled and reused to meet today’s ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly homes.

Finding the right source is a challenge. It can be difficult to find the right wood, with the right dimensions and the desired species. Observing the entire lot and assessing the overall quality of the wood is important when we decide on a source.

After choosing, each piece of wood is then quality checked to make sure it’s suitable for its new life as part of the house. Inspected for signs of its previous life, any nails or screws are then expertly removed before moving onto the next stages of the manufacturing process.

The wood is then cut to size using expert industry machinery to ensure excellence in precision, ready for sanding. Offcuts are used to fuel kilns and boilers. The boards are then sanded to ensure a smooth finish, ready to be shaped and built into a new unique piece of furniture.

Using traditional carpentry methods, the reclaimed wood is now starting to take shape in its new form, be it a dining table, bed frame, coffee table or sideboard…

The highly trained employees in our furniture factory now begin to consult on precise design specs to start handcrafting high-quality pieces of furniture.

Unlike mass production lines, our hands-on approach ensures quality checking at each stage of the manufacturing process, adding to the durability of our products.

Depending on the design, extra details such as panelling are then carefully bonded or nailed to the body of the piece. This is where your new furniture really starts to take shape and we can see the different elements that make each design unique. Edges and fine details are then sanded and refined, ready for the final finishing stages.

Each of our reclaimed wood collections features a different finish. From elegant whitewash paint to natural water-based coating, each one is achieved by hand to ensure a high quality look as well as ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.

As the finish begins to set, the new piece really starts to come to life. Here, the reclaimed timber’s unique markings, grain and knots are enhanced and highlighted as an important part of the design process.

Giving each piece that charming, rustic appeal, achieving the perfect finish is what makes our collections truly beautiful.

In the final stages of the manufacturing process, each piece is then carefully packaged ready to be sent to our warehouses. We only ever ship high quantities of our collections at a time to ensure fewer trips, equalling lower carbon emissions.

Quality Control

We have our own QC team that are working in the factories everyday alongside our production team. They are there to check for construction, colour, as well as checking for all the little things to give the customer the best experience they can get.

Customer Service

1 year warranty period for our products. Our team are always on hand via email and phone to assist you with the product.


30% deposit upon order confirmation and balance payment within 5 days of Bill of Lading (BL) date.


FOB Shipment. We will handle all of the costs from factory to port.